duminică, 27 martie 2011

The Death

Would you ever think for a second: If I die tomorrow?

Death is a sad reality in our perception. A reality that we do not like but, even so, it continues to exist and to mark our existence, we watched the corner, to threaten us in situations where life can no longer carry this continuously until that time, exist parallel to our lives and to take its place once life for various reasons (age, sickness, accident, etc..) no longer has the resources to continue.
What can we do when we realize that passes, that is parallel to the life and death that may at any time, whether we like it or not, in any case makes it impossible to continue life, we pass into the beyond, to cancel our existence perceptible and limited in this world, to separate us from our loved ones? We can abolish the cruel and unpleasant reality of death?
Last answer questions is simple: NO! We can not abolish the reality of death. Death is a condition that a given human life and believe that you can evida is perhaps one of the least wise ways of "dodging" in front of them.
But if we can not escape death, what can we do? How can we escape the horror that dominate our mind operates when the subject of this reality?

The answer may be multiple. A wise way of "avoiding" it is essential to consider your "check" the roots of your being. And what I mean by this? An Orthodox theologian, Dumitru Popescu, said the man with no roots in his book that human beings are deep roots in divinity, God, because human beings are God's image and even if modern society has forgotten this fact, it continues to exist whether we want or not. To check your roots means to analyze and tell you to yourself if your roots are planted in the Godhead and this also mean that your life is deified, like Eastern theology says about human beings are saved. And related to this, it is not religion, this really cold sometimes, even formal and impersonal. But I mean every human life at its actual state, mirror faced sincerity in relation to himself and God. In front of the mirror does not get away clean if you're simply not so, can you respond if your being roots are anchored in the Godhead, or if you just mimic the root. Because otherwise, without terrify anyone, but just try to realize, everyone will be accountable for the way beyond there - or not rooted in the Godhead, God.
What can we do in trying to "dodge" to the reality of death?
This time, though I consider fundamental ways to the reality beyond death, but just before the death, we choose to we go by the motto of a certain Gary Smalley, American writer and member of a Christian center in the U.S. which argues in his book - DNA relationships that "life is relationships, the rest are just details." What we understand from this statement? We understand the priority that we give relations as long as we live, how we exist on this earth, because it says everything in the book mentioned above, when someone is dying and it feels, does not want the bed of his immobility, the kicked off the countdown time, be made to its material achievements, medals or honors. That someone wants to see those relatives, those whom he loves very much, the ones with which to relate to that moment. And related to this famous actor, Florian Pitiş before his death, said: "I would like to tell you ... that you love more ... to cherish every moment as if it were the last ...". And how much substance can be found in these words!I conclude by quoting a line from the movie Gladiator, at one point, the beginning of the movie, before the start of the battle between Romans and barbarians someone says: "Everything we do in this life is echoed in the life of another."

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