joi, 25 august 2011


    Here I am. Finding my old hobby. I'm writing only to heal the pain in my soul. This is not a poem. Is something that I've written before. You don't remember it, right ? That one was about death. This one is about life. Life. This is such an amazing word. It represents all that a person can do by living. This was stupid. I don't know what to write anymore. Maybe I've lost my skill. I don't know what's going on ... I remember that I use to wrrte when I was sad. Only sadness gives me inspiration ?! I don't know if it's true ... but if it's that way, then somebody MAKE ME SAD !! But I don't wanna be sad. I got so many reasons to be happy. I got so many good friends around me. People who care about me. Or they ?! They care about me ? Why, with everything I say, I get  suspicious ? In order to be a hero I need to be sad ? In order to be a hero I don't have the right to have friends?
But I don't wanna be like the main character from "Romanul Adolescentului Miop", written by Mircea Eliade. I don't wanna be like that. I wanna have friends. I wanna love. Or I ?

joi, 7 iulie 2011

joi, 30 iunie 2011

Fallen Angel

I see her,
Is up there,
But what the hell ?
She's falling.
It seems like nobody can catch her.
With every second that passes,
She is with one more step to death.
Something weird is happening.
From her wings,
Blood gets out like a river.
Is this normal ?
Is she a betrayer ?
I want to save her.
But i'm stucked here.
In this stinky cage.
She screams.
"Forgive me Lord !".
Why did she wants that ?
So, she is a betrayer.
But why did she betrayed ?
They are different.
Different from us.
We are guilty,
And we commit sins.
50,000 tears are floating,
Above her.
She died.
It seems like The Lord didn't forgived her.
But what did she do ?
This will remain a mistery for me.

miercuri, 29 iunie 2011


I'm ugly and nobody wants me,
I think I'd better go to hell.
But i am no longer free.
I don't have anymore the strength to ring the bell.

They are scared by my ugliness,
I feel that I'm not wanted anymore,
This puts me in a total sadness,
Because they've expected at so much more.

Anyone can see the way they reject us,
They treat us like some bags with trash.
I want to kick them hard in the ass,
From their bottoms to see how it's coming out the ash.

But I know that in one day something will change
And we will be trully respected.
I don't need nothing in exchange.
The only thing I want is our love to be protected.

I want to touch your hand again.
Your warm lips are just a dream.
Your blue eyes are more beautiful than anything that exists in this world.
And your face is soft and angelic.

PS: I still love you !

vineri, 24 iunie 2011

Romeo and Juliet

I don't care what the others say,
I want you with me to stay.
Together, we will find our way,
Grab my hand and run away.

I don't need their advices.
They don't want us together.
I know that you're the one that gets me out of crisis,
I know our love will last forever.

So, please, don't listen their voice
You always have the right of choice
Don't make a thing that you'll regret
I think we're like Romeo and Juliet.

joi, 23 iunie 2011

The Universe of Love

The Universe it's full of  beautiful stars.
Of stars that have not any of what we call scars.
"Perfection" is the only word that defines them.
The only word that reveals their glamourous gem.

Between Sun and Moon, will always be Love.
So delicate. It must be handled with a glove.
So dangerous. It can make you completely mad.
So wanted. When you find it, you'll be so damn glad.

Sensible and simple. Just like the children's happiness.
Without love, you can fall in the bad feeling of loneliness.
So, what are you waiting for ? An angel will come soon.
Come here, where lovers spend their afternoon.