sâmbătă, 28 mai 2011

Puppy Eyes

Puppy eyes ...
I know they don't tell lies.
Puppy eyes ...
They make me wanna fly.

Puppy eyes ...
They make me wanna touch the sky.
Puppy eyes ...
I know they're shy.

Her eyes are so gorgeous.
I feel like they want something.
I will like to give them anything.
Looking at them is contagious.

Brown and white.
So far but so tight.
So beautiful but untouchable.
So amazing but undesirable.

vineri, 13 mai 2011

Love is Real ?

Love is something that ain't real,
Love is something that you fell.
Love makes you feel like a butterfly.
Love never asks "Why ?".
Love, always come when you don't expect.
Love is something that can not be reject.
Love is like a fairytale.
Love will never be for sale.
Love will always have "that space"
Love, and you will feel the warm embrace.
Love is something that I need.
Love, for me, will be the "weed".
Love is like a sweety drug
Love was never been a thug.

If you don't love, you'll have no chance.
If you don't love, you'll never feel the dance.
If you don't love now,  you'll regret later.
If you don't love now, you'll become a hater.

miercuri, 11 mai 2011


Everyone has a dream,
Which floats with the moonbeam.
They are surrounded by the stars.
Forever together they are.

The dream is like a fresh breeze.
It doesn't make you freeze.
It gives you a whole new view.
It gives your life a brand new rue.

The dream starts from a single thought,
Like a lot of  fluff, in a punch caught.
The dream it's light and transitory,
Just like the taste of a strawberry.

We have to make them real as fast as we can,
Because, trust me, they can become a man.
The dreams are the result of the endless creativity,
But don't get to far from the sad reality.

marți, 10 mai 2011

It's Easy

It's easy to say "Good-Bye !".
It's easy to make you cry.
It's easy to make me fly.
It's easy to tell a lie.
It's easy to eat a well-made pie.
It's easy to leave and after say "Why ?".
It's easy a man to buy.

It's hard to say to that special person "I Love You !".
It's hard to wipe a tear, who slides on your cheek.
It's hard to break the wing of an angel.
It's hard to say form the bottom of your soul the truth.
It's hard to share what you have with others.
It's hard to love a single person forever.
It's hard to have a friend for the whole life.

The beautiful part of the life
Is to end it with a wife.
Don't kill youself with a knife,
So you can live a wild-life.

sâmbătă, 7 mai 2011

No Chance

I have no chance in this life 
To feel like I am living.
I have no chance in this life
To feel your heart beating.

Because you left a long time ago.
You left me with nothing,
Nothing than a fleeting perfume,
Which smells even now.

You've had no mercy for my soul.
You've had no mercy for my heart.
And now I have a single goal,
To reconstruct it part by part.

I write this poem especially for you
To know what you've done to me.
I hope the sky is still blue.
I hope to have two eyes to see you.