miercuri, 29 iunie 2011


I'm ugly and nobody wants me,
I think I'd better go to hell.
But i am no longer free.
I don't have anymore the strength to ring the bell.

They are scared by my ugliness,
I feel that I'm not wanted anymore,
This puts me in a total sadness,
Because they've expected at so much more.

Anyone can see the way they reject us,
They treat us like some bags with trash.
I want to kick them hard in the ass,
From their bottoms to see how it's coming out the ash.

But I know that in one day something will change
And we will be trully respected.
I don't need nothing in exchange.
The only thing I want is our love to be protected.

I want to touch your hand again.
Your warm lips are just a dream.
Your blue eyes are more beautiful than anything that exists in this world.
And your face is soft and angelic.

PS: I still love you !

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