joi, 30 iunie 2011

Fallen Angel

I see her,
Is up there,
But what the hell ?
She's falling.
It seems like nobody can catch her.
With every second that passes,
She is with one more step to death.
Something weird is happening.
From her wings,
Blood gets out like a river.
Is this normal ?
Is she a betrayer ?
I want to save her.
But i'm stucked here.
In this stinky cage.
She screams.
"Forgive me Lord !".
Why did she wants that ?
So, she is a betrayer.
But why did she betrayed ?
They are different.
Different from us.
We are guilty,
And we commit sins.
50,000 tears are floating,
Above her.
She died.
It seems like The Lord didn't forgived her.
But what did she do ?
This will remain a mistery for me.

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