vineri, 13 mai 2011

Love is Real ?

Love is something that ain't real,
Love is something that you fell.
Love makes you feel like a butterfly.
Love never asks "Why ?".
Love, always come when you don't expect.
Love is something that can not be reject.
Love is like a fairytale.
Love will never be for sale.
Love will always have "that space"
Love, and you will feel the warm embrace.
Love is something that I need.
Love, for me, will be the "weed".
Love is like a sweety drug
Love was never been a thug.

If you don't love, you'll have no chance.
If you don't love, you'll never feel the dance.
If you don't love now,  you'll regret later.
If you don't love now, you'll become a hater.

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