joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Love is in the air ...

Love is in the air,
Let's play this game, but it's not fair.
Everywhere I look around,
I've searched my love, but I've not found.
Love is in the air,
I love the T-Shirt that you wear.
Every frighten, every sound,
You mean for me more than one pound.

You've always be my only love,
I'll treat you baby like a holy glove.
I'll always be your secret lover,
But always on undercover.
I'm scared to tell you what I feel.
I'll not try to take back the love that you steal.
I think that probably you'll get mad.
And that will make me really sad.

We talk to each other every day,
But I think this is not a very good way.
Because I'm rubbish at this kind of things.
Do you want me without "wings" ?

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