marți, 12 aprilie 2011

Say Goodbye

Hanging by a moment
As time slips away
Tell me was it worth it
Such a heavy price to pay
Give me a minute to say
What I've been meaning to say
Before you take those pictures off the wall

Wasn't born an angel
But I still try to fly
I've got this hole inside that nothing satisfies
I know I make my mistakes
I hope that heaven can't wait
So I can make things right before I go on

Trying living honest
But its hard for me to change
Caught up in the crosses,between the love and the hate
After the long nights away
When only memories remain
You're the only light that helped to lead me home

Is it wrong that were done with yesterday
Is it wrong that we wasted all this time
Is it wrong just to throw it all away
Is it wrong just to leave it all behind 

What will you remember, when I say goodbye
Doesn't really matter, what I leave behind
Cause nothing is forever.
Would you even care
If I say goodbye, If I say goodbye

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