sâmbătă, 9 aprilie 2011

A letter to the death ...

That's it. I'm giving up on life. From this very moment I will stop living. Do you wanna say something about this? You want ... but I don't let you know why I took this decision. It's hard to explain ... but here is a part of the story : The friends let me down and I'm feeling alone. Why would I want to live longer ? For what ? For more harm and stupidity ? No thanks. I hope you will understand, but if you not, that's it. It's your decision and I'll respect it, but remember a single thing : It will not bother me at all.
Before the end, I would like to thank you all for the trust and the support that you've offered me. It's not your fault .I've been a complete fool because I listen to their words. In this case "they" are the ones who seemed to be my friends but in the end I've realized that they aren't nothing, only stupid bitches. I am the guilty one. I am the one who didn't know how to take advantage of everything you've given to me.
I end this letter by saying the following words : "You are not alone" .
Good -Bye and have a nice life among the others of your kind !

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